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Our logo consists of a graphic element and a brand name. The logo is set in the font Young. The two logo elements can be used together or the graphic element alone. The brand logo is designed in several sizes and formats. The PNG files have a transparent background.

Main logo white jpg

Di Me logo med tekst small

Main logo white png

Di Me logo med tekst small

Main logo black jpg

Dime hovedlogo svart

Main logo black png

Dime hovedlogo svart

DiMe LHBTQI white jpg

Di Me hovedlogo pride small

Logo square white jpg

Dime Logo kvadratisk hvit

Logo square white png

Dime Logo kvadratisk hvit

Logo square black jpg

Dime logo kvadratisk svart small

Logo square black png

Dime logo kvadratisk svart


DiMe-Ambassador Ammal

Ammal Haj Mohamed talks about her experiences with discrimination and racism.

DiMe-Ambassador Ami

DiMe-Ambassador Ami Mbey
Photo: Nadina Helen Bakos

Discrimination definition

To discriminate means to treat a person or a group of people differently because of their gender, religion, background, skin colour, sexual preferences etc.

DiMe - Legal Aid

Juridisk rådgiver hjelper personer som kjenner på avmakt i møte med diskriminering.

DiMe - first conversation

Sammen med juridisk rådgiver tar du en beslutning på hva du ønsker skal skje videre.

The images may be used free of charge.
Credit: DiMe - Discrimination Legal Aid and Mediation Assistance